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Plastic Multi Purpose Egg Cutter/Slicer
Hard-cooked eggs can be served whole or they may be cut and sliced.

An egg cutter can be used to prepare evenly sliced sections that can be used in salads or as a garnish for a variety of recipes.

The egg cutter is a tool that consists of a tray that is hinged to a cutter, which is constructed with a series of stiff wires. Each of the wires acts as a cutting instrument, slicing through the egg when pressure is applied to the cutter. The egg is placed on its side in the tray, and the cutter is closed down over the egg, producing slices of equal thickness. The egg can be rotated and sliced a second time or even a third time in order to chop the egg in pieces as small as you would like. Egg-cutting gadget designed to make slicing hard boiled eggs easy.

Made of virgin Unbreakable ABS Food Grade Materials.
Lesser wastage compare to hand made cutting through knife.
Good design-looks and style
Strong brand reputation
5 years Seller warranty
Good functionality-it does the job well
Durable-lasts as long as it should
Value of money
Non Toxic,stain and Corrosion resistant
Virgin materials Does not corrode or react with fruit
Stays looking new for years
Time saving and perfect cutting of same size slice of Apple.
High thermal efficiency
non reactive coating
Comfortable Handle for perfect griping
Dust proof coating prevents the surface from chipping or peeling.