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Tapes, Adhesives & Sealers - Rubberized Waterproof Flex Tape (Size - 7.2") (Black)

King of Repairing
Flex tape is a super strong, rubberized, waterproof tape that can patch, bond, seal and repair virtually everything flex tape is specially formulated with a thick, flexible, rubberized backing that conforms to any shape or object flex tape can be applied hot or cold, wet or dry.....Even underwater flex tape instantly seals out water, air and moisture to create a super strong, flexible, watertight barrier flex tape is extra wide to quickly cover large cracks, gaps and holes flex tape is uv resistant, environmentally friendly, voc-less and has a wide temperature range so it can be used in extreme weather conditions.

All Weather use

Don't worry about the drips from the ceiling after whipping wind or storms at home anymore. Don't get stuck in a leaking RV or tent on vacation anymore. Waterproof tape is designed with an ultra-strong adhesive backing that sticks to any surface and It can be used in extreme conditions of extreme cold, sweltering heat, dampness or mildew.

Widely Use

patch tape is excellent for home repairs, DIY projects, marine & water sports, outdoor & camping gear, automotive & mechanical, industrial & farm equipment. It can also fix leaky above-ground pools, water tanks, drums & storage containers and pipe & gutter leaks.

A Must Have Homeowners

Specially formulated with a thick, flexible, rubberized backing that conforms to any shape or object. It is the best choice for every American home owners.

Your Gear, Cables and Surface are safe and intact

Whatever you use Gaffer Power on, it holds it down solid but is very easily taken off, leaving no residue. The adhesive will not peel back up. Your gear will remain protected and completely undamaged.

Product Features

  • It's Extra Wide Size (7.2 inchaes) Allows You To Quickly Cover Large Cracks, Gaps And Holes
  • Flex Tapetm Is UV Resistant, Environmentally Friendly, VOC-Free And Has A Wide Temperature Range So It Can Be Used In Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Surfaces: Plasticized Materials, Siliconized, Greasy, Oily, Dirty Or Porous Surfaces, Waterproof Or Water-Repellent Materials And Fabrics. Always Test Before Use
  • Patch large holes, cracks, gaps and tears
  • Bond together almost any objects. Seal out water, air and moisture

Name: Repair tape
Material: PVC
Size: length 1.52M, width 10CM.
Net weight 100g
Application: all kinds of daily necessities and household items such as water pipes
Use methods and steps
Cutting: Cut to the desired size.
Paste: Remove the backing sticker and stick to the clean surface.
Squeeze: Remove all blisters or bubbles.
Seal: It should be noted that, once pasted, it cannot be re-positioning, so be careful